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Dire Warnings Ignored


HRC Ignored Safety Warnings

HRC received multiple warnings and complaints about the inadequacies of its lifeguard and summer camp programs before John's drowning death, including:

1 Year Before:
Board Member expresses concern that lifeguard coverage at the pools is insufficient (08-31-06, Brd Min, Ex45e)

1.5 Months Before:
Board Member warns HRC should not "repeat the problem of not having enough Lifeguards" (05-30-07, Brd Min, Ex45g)

1 Month Before:
Board Member warns General Manager that situation at pools is an "accident waiting to happen" (06-11-07, Ex20)

2 Weeks Before:
Board Member indicates that HRC is "not licensed as a day care facility" (05-31-07, Brd Min, Ex 45)

2 Weeks Before:
Board Member expresses concern that HRC has allowed Summer Camp enrollment to get too high (06-28-07, Brd Min, Ex45h)

13 Days Before:
Club General Manager Griffin complains to Aquatics Director Palmer that the lifeguards are not doing their jobs (07-05-07, Ex21)

1 Day Before:
Camp counselor observes the 4 year-old counselors horse playing and not paying attention to the 4 year-old campers

10 Minutes Before:
Member witnesses chaotic horse play at overcrowded pool with counselors gathered on the fountain deck (07-18-07, Ex22); Aquatics Director Palmer also witnesses the situation, but goes to lunch.

4 Days After:
Board President and former board member discuss running an article on the swimming coach 2 months after John's death because things would be back to "normal."

1 Month After:
Board President believes HRC is a "safe place."


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