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Failure To Train & Instruct Lifeguards and Counselors
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None of the Required Orientation, Preseason or In-Service Training, or Drills on:

- Appropriate Surveillance and Scanning
- Areas of Responsibility
- Victim Recognition: Distressed Swimmers vs. Drowning Person
- Emergency Response
- Appropriate CPR/AED

No Emergency Action Plan as Required (roles/responsibilities of Lifeguards and Counselors in Emergencies)

No Orientation & Coordination Between Lifeguard Team and Summer Camp Staff:
- Lifeguards didn't know Counselor Rules and Counselors didn't know Lifeguard or Pool Rules

No Enforcement of Rules: Absolutely NO HORSE PLAY" "Zero Tolerance"

- "Jackpot" Tennis Ball Game and "Deadman Float" Game
- This made watching Children "Impossible"

No Assignments - "Everyone watching Everyone" = Dangerous System

No Hand-Off Procedure

No Swim Tests - and No Instruction on Treating 4 Year Olds as NON-SWIMMERS


Training & Instructions

Swim Testing
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